Thursday, October 05, 2006

Where were you born?

God Bless my Emma. She lives in "Emma’s World" for sure. She is smart and tops her class in reading and writing, but it isn’t because of me. If I try to teach her something, she stares at me blankly. Learning sight words, she could write it ten times, and when I ask her to repeat the word, she will say "I dunno." Yet, she somehow gets it. She is just our space queen. Some Emma-isms: floating in the swimming pool, she asked the girl floating next to her "So, why are you all wet?" During our flight home from the mainland, I left to use the restroom, and she asked her Daddy, "why did Mommy get off the plane?" She calls my sister "lady in the green van" because she can’t remember her name. Anyway, she is delightfully spacey and keeps us laughing with her comments.

So tonight, the kids were playing a game with Daddy, and he asked them to write down where they were born. Emma was stumped. Now, she has been raised with a K-drama addict as a mom, we’ve traveled to Korea as a family, and attend Korean church. She goes to Korean school and is learning Korean. We say a prayer for her birth mom in Korea every night at prayer time. We eat Korean food several times a week. I even have the Korean flag hanging in our kitchen! But, after all my efforts to teach her about her birth country, she ponders a moment then responds, "Australia! I was born in Australia."

Hubby and I are still laughing. Dang, I’ve got some work to do….



At 9:46 AM, Anonymous Ann said...

LOL here! Julie, that story is a riot. Hugs to your space queen.

:) ~Ann

At 5:27 AM, Blogger TChahng said...

Cute story. :)


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